The Different Ways Mustangs Celebrate Cinco de Mayo


Cinco de Mayo, also known as May 5th, is full of parades, big fiestas, live music and traditional crafts and food. Cinco de Mayo is a widely celebrated holiday both in Mexico and the United States, but here at Marriotts Ridge. Many who celebrate are unaware of the holiday’s historical significance beyond the colorful parades and festive gatherings.
This holiday is special in Mexico because it commemorates the victory of the Mexican army over France in 1862. Cinco de Mayo in the United States is celebrated because the holiday has become a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage, with many cities including Los Angeles, California and San Antonio hosting parades and festivals.
Foods such as tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, salsa and more are a significant part of celebration.
“Tacos are my favorite dish for Cinco de Mayo because you can try different types of meat and toppings on your tacos,” junior Jack Bonner said.
Many Mustangs celebrate with Mexican music such as Mariachi, rancheras, cumbia and banda.
“My favorite song is “Lindo y Querido”, it’s so good. It always gets me moving whenever I hear it, and my family loves to play it,” sophomore Gabe Montenegro shared.
The meaning and celebration of Cinco de Mayo has evolved over the years. In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the city of Puebla, where the battle of Puebla took place.
“In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo means a lot, and I don’t think people really understand. Not many bother learning the background of the holiday, I think if people tried to learn they would be interested,” sophomore Andres Alvarez said.
Many celebrate this holiday all around the world in different ways. While some families who celebrate just throw together a meal, others celebrate in a more festive and cheerful way.
“My family and I always throw a big party for Cinco de Mayo every year, I can’t wait for this year! I know my mom is planning for a huge celebration, so I can’t wait to see what she comes up with,” sophomore Lukas Trellis said.
Cinco de Mayo is a day to look forward to, as one can learn something new about Mexican culture, try special dishes, or just celebrate the day. Students at Marriotts Ridge High School who celebrate Cinco de Mayo are looking forward to celebrating Cinco de Mayo with their family and friends and have amazing Mexican food.