Students Prepare for Mother’s Day


mothers day

With spring now in session, lots of fun celebrations, holidays and warm weather comes our way. One of them is Mother’s Day, a day where everyone celebrates motherhood and reflects on the importance of moms. Here is how students and teachers of MRHS go about this wonderful day.
As an annual holiday, there are certain Mother’s Day traditions that people carry on for generations. These traditions can be something very simple between the child and mother, or it may even include the whole entire family. No matter how anyone goes about traditions, there is no wrong way to show mothers how much they are appreciated. Everyone has their own preferences as to what they believe is best to celebrate.
“My mom and I usually get our nails done together on Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to do that because of Covid-19,” sophomore Ava Edwards said. Ever since the pandemic, people have had to become quite creative as to what they wanted to do and how to celebrate safely.
“This Mother’s Day is going to be a little different since going out is not necessarily safe, but we can still make dinner at home and have a day just as heartwarming as ever!” freshman Sarah Otto said. Now, sometimes, it is difficult to remember a time when we did not have to be strict regarding seeing family and spending time with them. Students remember wonderful times with their mothers before the pandemic.
“The happiest moment I have with my mother is when we found out I was cancer free and she held a surprise party for me,” sophomore Ava Edwards said.
Some students may be curious as to what the significance of this holiday is. Is it truly a day where the child and the mother spend one on one time with each other? Or should it be a day where the whole family celebrates motherhood and what means to be a mother?
“Our family chose the family experience route, but I think that child and mother bonding could be just as special,” psychology teacher Ms. McQueen said.
“I would say that Mother’s Day should be a child and a mother bonding and a family experience so everyone can show their appreciation while also bonding,” freshman Sarah Otto explained.
As a holiday known for appreciation, there are almost always gifts involved. Anything could make a good gift for any mother. It could be something small, medium, or even something huge! Either way, there is no true way to go about gift giving. Just make sure to have fun, while also keeping one’s mother’s interests in mind.
“I think a great gift for any mother would be flowers; I feel like they are just pretty and simple that there is really no wrong way to go about it,” sophomore Mackenzie Moon explained.
“I think it depends on the mom, but I usually like to give gifts that a person can put to good use; something related to an interest or hobby, an item I know they want, but would not buy it for themselves, or an experience I know they’ll enjoy,” Ms. McQueen said.
In the end, gift giving means the very same thing, a person’s appreciation of all of the things their mom has done for them.
“I personally [see] the significance of Mother’s Day [in] that you are extra appreciative of what my mom has done for me!” junior Annie Chong said.
At the end of the day, Mother’s Day is time that can be spent with both family and friends. Everyone at MRHS is excited for this holiday to finally come upon us.