Seniors Reflect on Time at MRHS

Class of 2021 shares high school memories as time at MRHS comes to an end


As the 2021 class prepares to walk across the stage and graduate on June 2, a moment is taken to reflect on their past four years as a Mustang.
Beginning as freshmen acquainting themselves with their peers, the Class of ‘21 experienced the first glimpse of what all Marriotts Ridge and high school has to offer. For many, the first day of freshman year was filled with nerves as students worried if they would get lost finding their classes, who they would sit with at lunch, and if they would be able to be successful in high school courses. Once the nerves settled and students knew they would be okay, that is when the excitement of new high school events overcame them: first football games, dances, and pep rallies.
“Freshman year homecoming and spirit week leading up to it is the most prominent memory I have from freshman year, because it was exciting to see all of Marriotts Ridge school spirit and how much everyone comes together during that time of the year,” senior Will Kelley said.
As the seniors became more comfortable at MRHS during sophomore year, many were just waiting to be considered upperclassmen. High school began to feel more real as students had more freedom in the courses they could take, and the courses became harder.
“I remember taking AP Government with Mr. Ault and having to learn how to handle the workload, but in the end I know I benefited from the experience for college,” senior Cole Tran said.
Junior year began strong as students in the 2021 class began to start considering what their future would be like after high school and preparing for festivities that come with being an upperclassman.
“I was excited that I had the opportunity to try out and play varsity field hockey my junior year, as the varsity team was mainly upperclassmen at the time,” senior Hannah Parsons said.
However, junior year for the Class of 2021 can not be fully reflected on without the mention of the pandemic, which cut the year short and led to a unique senior year experience.
As senior year is coming to an end, many festivities that the 2021 class freshman once looked forward to have been unable to happen due to COVID-19. Staying virtual for the first semester of senior year then moving into a hybrid model has left many seniors upset due to the lack of in person interaction and events.
It would be easy for the 2021 class to be disappointed in this unique senior year of high school, but it has also provided them with an opportunity to overcome and work through a challenge with a community of people.
“I have been able to make the most I could with senior year and the pandemic by spending time with my close friends and family, which I appreciate due to the fact that I will be leaving for college next fall,” senior Maggie Merrill said.
There are also positives occurring as the ending of senior year for the 2021 class gets closer, due to some normalcy reappearing with spring sports starting, along with an in person graduation and other senior festivities.
The Marriotts Ridge High School Class of 2021 will thankfully be able to celebrate their accomplishments through these past four years and graduate next to their peers as they say their goodbyes to the Mustang community.