MRHS Clubs Change for 2021-22 School Year


With the 2021-22 school year just around the corner, it’s important to note that there will be many new changes, especially for school clubs.
MRHS provides students with a variety of clubs and societies such as chess club, art club, book club, different language clubs, a few sports clubs, and some societies like Dance Honor Society and National Honor Society.
Every new school year comes with a new set of clubs, with each club being led by student leaders and adult advisors. Some clubs and societies choose their leaders by having them fill out an application, and others interview them. For example, the National Honor Society holds a very rigorous process to become a leader.
“They have to apply in June and they go through an interview process and then they are selected by the faculty council,” Ms. Reier, National Honor Society advisor, said. Due to the fact that NHS student leaders are seniors, elections are held annually to elect new leaders. NHS meetings are held every month for the executive board members and the whole group meets once a semester. Something that the National Honors Society is planning for next year is more contactless donation drives, which they began doing this year.
“We always do contactless donation drives, [which] are drive-through drop offs drives where everyone is wearing PPE,” Ms. Reier explained.
Ms. Reier is also the sponsor of the French Club and French Honor Society. Both the society and club are places where students can learn French and communicate with others who also study French, but aren’t in their classes. With a similar election situation with NHS, the French club will also be having new student leaders going into the new year.
Another club that might be changing its leaders is the Art club. The club currently has 2 student presidents, seniors Montana Ignacio and Emerson Mako, and is also run by teacher sponsor Mrs. Miers-Bond. Just like the clubs mentioned already, the Art club also has annual elections for new student leaders.
“We hold elections at the beginning of every [school] year, and the only prerequisite [is that] you have to be in the National Art Honor Society,” Mako explained. Besides new student leaders, the art club confirmed that they will continue on as per usual, both on the activity front and information front.
The Model United Nations is another club that might be switching things around.
“Model UN is a club that stimulates real world scenarios and mimics the actual UN. We help students become comfortable with public speaking and teach them to think on their feet,” junior Sanjana Chokkaku, one of the student leaders, explained. The Model UN Executive Board consists of four members, with a teacher sponsor.
“The teacher usually deals with the financial aspect of the club, while the students in charge plan out the meetings and communicate with students,” Chokkaku said. Student leaders change every time a senior graduates, and replacements are chosen by the former senior members of the board. One of the student leaders is graduating this year, so applications will be sent out to find students to replace that leader, followed by an interview and election. The Model UN is always changing their ideas for electing leaders.
“Our ideas for electing leaders are always changing because we want to find the best students suited for the role!” Chokkaku said.
Overall, the school year of 2021-22 will be bringing many new changes and opportunities for the students. One thing students should look forward to is the change in their school’s available clubs, with existing clubs changing their student leaders and new clubs popping up. With next school year looking to be exclusively in-person, students should keep an eye out for new and interesting changes at MRHS.