Students Hope for a Normal Summer


Bethany Beach, DE, a popular vacation spot for many MRHS students.

The summer of 2020 was a struggle for most people due to COVID-19, as almost all summer festivals and vacation trips were canceled. Students are hoping that the summer of 2021 will be more normal now, as vaccination rates continue to rise across the country.
Students spent last summer staying home and attempting to stay safe. Students who had arranged special trips and celebrations were hit with devastation when they had to cancel all their plans.
“Last summer, I originally planned to go to Europe with my family, but that didn’t happen due to the pandemic. I felt upset that I couldn’t go; it was hard to hear it,” freshman Will Ashbaugh said.
Students have higher expectations and hopes for this summer to be more flexible. Many are hoping that they can slowly start returning to experience summer norms, like vacations.
“I hope that this following summer, we can start going on vacations more. Traveling, not just on small car rides, but on airplanes, too,” sophomore Hana Chang said.
Many things have changed since last summer, when the pandemic was still new. Students have seen some changes in their environment after vaccinations were distributed and a few COVID restrictions were lifted, which gives students a glimpse of what their summer could be like.
One significant shift that recently went into effect is the lifting of the statewide mask mandate. All fully vaccinated Americans now have the option to be mask-free in the public. And, now that vaccines for children aged 12 and up are available, there is a lot of optimism for the future. People can begin to return to their previous activities that were stopped due to the pandemic.
While frustrating at times, having to stay in lockdown during the summer of 2020 had its advantages. People valued the opportunity to learn new activities and indoor hobbies. Many people could say that the lockdown was a blessing in disguise. It was a perfect way for people to take a break and clear their heads, despite the fact that it seemed like a negative concept. People began to appreciate their surroundings and enjoy life more.
“Last summer taught me just to be free and live; before, I was so focused on my future and college. But I wasn’t living in the moment. So this summer, yes, I’m going to do college prep but I’m also going to live more,” sophomore Zainab Idowu said.
Students are looking forward to the possibility of being outside a lot more frequently this summer.
“I recommend students attempt to step out of their comfort zone this summer. Since we were not really able to do much last summer, it’s the perfect chance to learn more now. You can try new sports or things like kayaking, hiking, etc. If you like to paint or draw, try doing it outside. Learn something new while taking advantage of the outdoors,” freshman Paula Spenard said.
While students are eager to go back into their usual summer activities, they cannot predict what might occur. As for now, students can continue to hold on to their hope for a more normal summer as vaccines continue to roll out and certain restrictions have begun to be lifted for those who are fully vaccinated.