New Teacher Feature: Brandon Lowe


With everyone back in the building, many science enthusiasts show much interest in reusing school science labs, working with physical materials, and most importantly, interacting with the steller science teachers we have here at Marriotts Ridge. A new addition to this cast is Mr. Lowe, a new chemistry teacher.
“I think it’s really important to use what is common and the community interests in my teaching. Each school and each class has a different vibe, and it’s important to try to relate as best that I can. I personally also try to make it to athletic events, clubs and other things so students can see me outside of the classroom as well. But life experiences and backgrounds of students are critical when teaching as they can be used to help students out tremendously when it comes to new topics,” Mr. Lowe said.
Like Mr. Lowe says, teaching is a combination of many things, and the most foundational aspect of it is making connections with students. Whether it is going to sports games or having in-depth discussions with students, teaching has a lot to do with helping and befriending students.
“Earlier this year I was working through a concept of dimensional analysis in chemistry class. I met with a student almost daily to slowly practice and understand the process of why we are doing what we are doing. After about a week or so, it clicked with the student and I was able to see the student be successful with the quiz on the material and feel accomplished. Sharing that feeling is the main reason I became a teacher,” Mr. Lowe said.
Not everyone is going to understand a concept in 45 min, so taking that time with a student to sit and explain thoroughly allows an organic bond to form between the teacher and student is something that stands as one of Mr. Lowe’s biggest philosophies in regards to teaching.
“My teaching philosophy is a little different than many other teachers. I am someone who prefers to teach students material and skills. I focus on teaching how to manage time, study and how to help yourself when you don’t understand. If I have a productive class and students are productive during my class time, I believe it is unfair of me to ask for their time to complete additional work. However, if that is not the case, homework is something that would happen if students do not use the class time wisely,” Brandon Lowe said.
Having different teaching philosophies can impact a lot within the classroom because not all students can operate with the same teaching method. Sometimes it can take time to make sure that they understand, but if students are productive and ask as many questions, paying attention shouldn’t be a problem.
With his philosophical takes on teaching, Mr. Lowe brings a new perspective to Marriotts Ridge as a science teacher. As the 2021-22 school year commences, the Marriotts Ridge community can only hope to adapt Mr. Lowe’s educational values, to make connections between teachers and their students.