Favorite Seasonal Hot Drinks


‘Tis the season of Pumpkin Spice and everything nice. As the weather turns cooler, people tend to turn to warmer clothing, warmer activities, and most of all, warmer drinks. To fully appreciate this weather, students must appreciate all the beverages that come with it. Whether you’re headed to Starbucks for their latest holiday creation, or you like to try things at home, there are so many great drinks out there. Students at Marriotts Ridge have many different opinions on what type of drinks are best for the colder weather.
“I would go with the classic Hot Chocolate. I’ve had it since I was little,” junior Garrett Weibking said. “There are also recipes that can be made for Hot Chocolate using some homemade ingredients.”
Many students find that the warmth of hot chocolate comforts them. In the same way, the hot pumpkin spice latte provides a soothing effect from the cold.
“I would go with a Pumpkin Spice Latte,” freshman Ryan Burget said.
Pumpkin-flavored food items are usually consumed from September to November because of their whimsical fall feeling. Like Burget, many high school students approve of various autumnal drinks.
“I think that apple cider is a good drink because it’s fun to drink,” freshman Maple Meekins said.
Coffee shops such as Starbucks provide a variety of different drinks for their consumers. Oftentimes these shops will supply their customers both with autumnal and wintry drinks.
“I like hot peppermint mochas from Starbucks,” sophomore Rose Aquila said.
All drinks have special, nostalgic meanings behind them for the person who drinks them. Warm drinks especially have this unique concept as many would drink these types of drinks to be reminded of loving memories with family and friends.
“It’s hard to explain but, usually Hot Chocolate keeps people warm during the season. I’ve heard stories of people that have no air conditioning that Hot Chocolate heats them,” said Weibking.
Although there are tons of seasonal hot drinks to choose from, some students prefer the do-it-yourself route. The craze of making drinks from the comfort of one’s home has given life to some very bizarre drink options.
“I would choose Hot Water (with some flavoring), it tastes really good, I would recommend it,” freshman Noah Pfau said.
Although colder, the later seasons can bring joy to many in the form of delicious drinks. From hot chocolate to apple cider, any beverage can be enjoyable to the person who drinks it.