Sports Dieting and Habits

With many different sports comes the myriad of different diets that athletes follow to perform well. The Marriotts Ridge High School athletic community is keen on keeping their specific diets, whether it be cutting down on carbs or consuming more.
One of the most popular sports at Marriotts Ridge is wrestling. The students on the wrestling team at Marriotts Ridge High School have probably the most difficult diet in the school. Since wrestlers’ performances rely on constant and healthy diets, they need to be as strict on their diet as possible.
“Our coaches require certain diets for the athletes,” sophomore Jaden Song said.
Though wrestling is a sport that is classified by one’s weight, weight isn’t as important as some may think. What’s more important is one’s speed, strength, and technique.
“I try to eat more protein than carbs so I can build up more muscle, but it’s good to eat both,” Song said.
As such, maintaining a diet that caters towards making these traits efficient can really boost one’s performance in wrestling.
Girls Volleyball is also one of the popular sports in Marriotts Ridge. Developing leg muscles so one can move faster and jump higher is a main focus in volleyball, and it’s because of this that there are certain things players should do before matches.
“Don’t eat too many carbs before matches start,” junior Sela Hale said.
Like what Hale mentioned, overeating can have negative impacts on anyone, especially for volleyball athletes who require light bodies to jump and serve during matches. Unfortunately, there are still many athletes at Marriotts Ridge who struggle with unhealthy eating habits.
“I have very unhealthy meals; I eat a lot of unhealthy meat and not many veggies besides lettuce to go with them,” freshman Mike Jermann said
Of the athletes in Marriotts Ridge, football athletes are some of the many who tend not to fall into the trap of unfavorable diets. Football is a hard and complex sport, which means that athletes need to put in an appropriate amount of effort to properly play it. As such, football requires practice, rigorous training to shape one’s body as needed. A healthy diet is one of many factors that can improve an athlete’s ability to focus and make their practice productive.
“I think every single football player thinks diet is extremely important, so all of us try to eat as consistently as we can,” freshman Brendan Pyane said.
From the difficult training football players undergo to the wrestlers’ struggles of weight control, the effort that athletes put into their sport can be seen in every aspect of their lifestyles. Diet in particular is something incredibly difficult to maintain, yet the Marriotts Ridge athletes are admirably able to healthily manage their eating habits all for their love of their sports.