Students and How They Celebrate Christmas


As the school year approaches winter break, the Marriotts Ridge community participates in many different traditions during the holiday season.
In December, one of the biggest holidays is Christmas. The holiday takes place on December 25th and is of Christian origin— it is a festive day dedicated to celebrating the birth of Jesus. With its joyful origin, the holiday comes as an annual relaxation for many.
“Christmas makes me feel great. It gives me a warm, loving kind of feeling,” Assistant Principal Mrs. Cherry said.
Christmas brings joy and excitement to those who celebrate it; it is a time for giving and receiving, thankfulness and love. Conveniently taking place about a month after Thanksgiving, the lengthy Christmas festivities give families plenty of time to put up Christmas trees and decorate them with ornaments. It’s because of these activities and other Christmas traditions that many choose to go holiday shopping.
“My favorite part about Christmas is when me, my mother, and sisters go shopping for new ornaments or just to replace the broken ones,” senior Emir Alhadari said.
Christmas traditions are well known to be bombastic, fun, and downright entertaining. For many, these practices are also cultural events that have been carried down from one generation to the next.
“One important Christmas tradition that I have is getting the whole family to come to my grandma’s house and play spades and drink eggnog all night,” freshman Christian Good said.
The holidays can be a great time for making new memories and remembering the past, through honoring all of them in the company of family. Sometimes, these days can be a sensitive time for those dealing with family or other life issues that prevent them from enjoying the festive season. Still, it is the values behind the holiday that ultimately allow them to make the best of what they have.
The Christmas season is a great time to gather with loved ones and simply mull over the simple joys that come with having a community. Whether it be passed-down traditions or enjoying the meaning behind them, there are many ways to find love through the holiday of Christmas. The MRHS community can find love and comfort through the holiday season, and it is not just for the ones that celebrate December 25th that this can be said: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!