Marriotts Ridge Seniors Await College Decisions


Patience is a learned art, currently being practiced by most of Marriotts Ridge’s 12th grade population. As they await responses from their colleges, the students reflect on their application experiences and organize their plans for the future.
With the second marking period coming to a close, seniors have directed their attention to the choices they made on their application decisions— whether it be early decision, early action, or regular decision, there were numerous options for the students who applied to college. It’s with this and the additional financial technicalities that the application process became a tedious and stressful situation for many.
“I decided to do four early action applications because I wanted to be done with most of my applications by November. However, I also had two regular decision applications since those schools only had a binding early decision option. This resulted in my workload for college applications to be more heavy and stressful during late September and October,” said senior Manu Parimi.
For most seniors, early action and early decision were the way to go. This meant completing a full application, requesting transcripts, writing supplemental essays, and submitting financial aid applications took up most of their attention for the first several months of the school year. With all the work they put in, it’s only justified that they get their results as soon as possible.
“I’ve heard back from one college, UMBC. I got in and I got the certificate for the Excellence Scholarship, which is $36,000 in total ($9,000 per year). I feel good now since I don’t have to do any more applications,” senior Archana Sathiyamoorthy said.
The anticipation that many feel waiting for their responses is often overwhelming— as such, it comes as a relief when the news that comes back is actually good. For the seniors who have gotten their decision news back, there was a generally content reaction.
“I got accepted to two schools so far— the University of Delaware and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. One of them is the one I plan on attending. They said that I was accepted and that I would receive $20,000/year to go there. I was super excited when I heard this; I really wanted to get into this college so it was a huge relief that I had made it,” senior Hayden Bovard said.
With some of their decision results back, the seniors have taken the time to relax; rest after months of hard work. With time on their hands, they continue applying as they await more news, reflect on their high school careers, and, and contemplate their feelings about the future.
“I’m actually having mixed feelings about college now that I’m getting some news back. Of course I’m excited at the fact of going into a college environment to pursue what I love, but there’s the weighty concern of money. This is elevated because I’ve been working since June of 2021, yet I still haven’t accumulated enough money for even one year of tuition— I guess I’m trying to say that I have a clear grasp on my money situation, and it isn’t pretty,” senior Taylor Kidd said.
The college application process is full of ups and downs, and it varies from person to person. Though extenuating circumstances have certainly played a role in this year’s round of resumes, the seniors walk away from their worries with the same sigh of relief as previous applicants. They pass the torch onto the juniors and underclassmen and provide advice for those who choose to apply to college.
“The college application process is absolutely a difficult process, not only because of how laborious it is but also because of what it can do to your mental health. A lot of people find themselves comparing their statistics to those of other applicants, so getting discouraged is pretty common. Try not to belittle yourself when this happens. Marriotts Ridge is a regarded school, and our students have a good chance of getting into college if they want to. Don’t let the process consume you; there’s a lot more going into it than just what you’re doing on your own,” Sathiyamoorthy said.
The college application process is often known as the portion of time in a student’s life where they apply to colleges, gathering information about their dedication to their communities and leadership skills in life. Many disregard the months that come afterwards— the time it takes for a senior to receive news about how their applications were received. For the Marriotts Ridge seniors, it’s this particular time that marks celebration— a time to mature and reflect as they await for their future to come.