What Video Game Genre Do Students Prefer?


Video game genres have evolved quite a bit in the last decade with better quality of stories, performance and graphics. Some of these games have become favorites because of their nostalgic qualities.
“Some game genres stuck with us because we played them as a kid which made our childhood memories special as well as we are accustomed to the game like it’s some kind of personal reference,” freshmen Gustavo Alfonso Rodriguez Abrego said.
Valorant is a tactical, first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games, and it became very popular during distance learning. The game requires practice meaning it is not a pay-to-win game.
“I love to play shooter games like Valorant because adrenaline pumping while playing is kind of refreshing,” freshmen Mike Jermann said.
Role Play Games (RPGs) are popular to people who enjoy lore or are interested in the games’ stories. RPG games tend to have plotlines that are useful for understanding the game’s story. Genshin Impact is popular among students who like anime and RPG games.
”I like RPGs because I get to collect things and follow a storyline,” senior Vivian Li said. “I liked Undertale and Genshin mostly for the lore.”
Sci-fi and Fantasy games tend to have a lot of imaginary and creative features. Examples of Sci-fi and Fantasy games are games where the player can move around a lot more freely than most games. League of Legends is popular in the fantasy genre. League of legends is a multiplayer game created by Riot Games
“I like Sci-fi and Fantasy games because they are more surreal and have more variety,” freshmen Samual Vergis said. “My recommendations on Sci-fi and fantasy games are to mess with games a little and eventually you will have everything sorted out.”
The design of platform games are simple and easy to understand because the game mechanics don’t have complicated systems like “Genshin” because it is only two dimensional.
“I like platform games because it takes me back to the early stages of video games. I like the older games that were popular in the past like the Street Fighters, a Super Mario brothers series,” sophomore Hamza Adawy said.
Gacha video games, a game genre that role plays currency in a whimsical way, are extremely popular among students. An example of this genre is Cookie Run: Kingdom , which has a completely random chance of getting different characters and treasures. Gacha games might be a little addicting to many gamers because there is a very small chance of getting legendary items .
“I like gacha games because of easy accessibility, fun game play, good story, good music, pretty PNGs and gambling addiction on my part,” junior Laura Jia said.
Although Games rely on the actions or special features in the game music is important as well. The music in the game could give hints about the games.
The games will evolve, allowing us to have better experiences and further our interests . Gamer students at Marriotts Ridge are looking forward to new games in each genre that will be released in the future.