National World Language Month


With National World Language Month right around the corner, the Marriotts Ridge language department has been discussing how to go over this topic with their students.
National World Language Month is when high schools throughout America recognize the diversity of languages and cultures around the world. The original purpose of this month was to highlight the importance of learning a language in high school. Schools around the country celebrate throughout the month of March.
According to, National World Language Month was first celebrated in the late 1950’s. Originally known as National Foreign Language Week, it was celebrated in 1957 by Alpha Mu Gamma, the first and largest national collegiate foreign language honor society. As time went on, the celebration expanded to span the whole month of March. World National Language Month allows anyone to immerse themselves into the cultures of different countries and more importantly their language.
Here at Marriotts Ridge, Chinese teacher Ms. Liu has planned on introducing this wonderful month to her students by mentioning the opportunities learning a language provides and the benefits of being able to speak multiple languages. She wants to complete activities with her students so they can truly understand this special month.
“I’m planning on introducing this month to [the students] and [showing them] the opportunities of learning Chinese and the benefits of being bilingual or multilingual. I want my students to be aware of how important this is. We embed a lot of activities into spreading some Chinese quotes around the school. My Chinese Honors Society students have actually been planning to do activities about bringing awareness of learning a language and benefits,” Ms. Liu said.
Italian and Spanish teacher Mrs. Gado wants her students to reflect on themselves on why they had the desire to learn another language, and what is the importance to them for taking another language.
“I think during this month, it’s a good time for students to reflect on why they’re taking another language and what is important about taking other languages, not only just for the language and the communication part, but also for the culture part and recognizing appropriate behaviors in other countries – what’s accepted and what’s not. So that when we do experience other cultures we are sensitive to how others do things so we’re not going off the idea of what ‘I do’ is either the right way, the best way, or accepted way,” Mrs. Gado said.
As mentioned, this month is a particularly great time to realize the worth in learning new languages and exposing oneself to new cultures. The process of learning a new language comes with the importance of realizing why one should want to have the opportunity of learning a new language.
“Sometimes we get sucked into our own way of living and our own area of living and we don’t take the time to look at the bigger picture and realize that there is a lot out there apart from our little bubbles. We stay in our own areas and we don’t get the chance to experience things that are wonderful and beautiful and recognize the differences to what we’re accustomed to,” Mrs. Gado said.
“I think learning a language opens a new door for you in multiple ways; not only is it a good skill for you in self improvement, but imagine if you travel to a new country. You can survive knowing the basics of the language. Also with the 21st century, all these global collaborations want to hire people who have multi language skills,” Ms. Liu said.
It’s in times like National Language Month where language becomes a beautiful concept to consider. As the days go by, and as March gets closer and closer, the Language Department at Marriotts Ridge can’t seem to get any more excited than they already are for this pleasant month to come by!