Principal Transfer

On Friday, February 25th, Marriotts Ridge’s own Assistant Principal, Ms. Tammy Jones, was assigned to serve as Principal of Lime Kiln Middle School instead. Upon her departure, the school received a new administrator to serve in her place, Mr. Thomas.
During the Board of Education meeting on the 24th, Dr. Martirano announced that she would be moving from Marriotts Ridge. The next day after, she became Principal of another Howard County school. This sudden transfer is typical of most administrative transfers but still surprised the school community.
“I am excited about a new opportunity to utilize my leadership skills in making an impact on my school community,” Ms. Jones said. “This new assignment will allow me to continue to make an impact while working in a different leadership capacity as I support my students and staff. It is a fresh opportunity to learn about a different level: middle school.”
This year was Ms. Jones’ fourth year at Marriotts Ridge, and she has served as an administrator for over two decades.
“My time at Marriotts Ridge was made special by the relationships and connections I made with students. And for that, I’m extremely grateful. Marriotts Ridge has some of the kindest, most thoughtful, and most polite students I have worked with within my career,” Ms. Jones said.
While she describes the Marriotts Ridge community positively, Ms. Jones herself is known to be very friendly and sympathetic. Many in the administrative department emphasize Ms. Jones’ character.
“Ms. Jones is kind-hearted and cares for the students here,” Ms. Miller, the principal’s secretary said. Not only is Ms. Jones known to be compassionate with students, but she is also known to be devoted to her job. In her job, she has made sure that the school day ran smoothly, from monitoring students at lunch to dealing with day-to-day issues.
“She has done a great job with our students. She is very dedicated,” Principal Goldeisen said.
Ms. Jones has positively impacted the Marriotts Ridge community, through both her commitment and kindness. As she embarks on a new chapter of her professional life, she will be missed by teachers and students alike.