Seniors Stress About College Applications


The beginning of the school year marks the start of college application season, a time seniors are either thrilled or are dreading. Applying to college is a big deal for many teenagers; it’s the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. College applications are very important, which is why some seniors are getting a head start.
“I have started college applications, I started about three months ago, so about June. I started that early for the Navy, so I can start my signer applications and get in earlier because they offer early admissions,” Andre Duroseau said.
Starting college applications can be stressful. Whether it’s meeting the deadlines, trying to get into competitive universities, or waiting to hear back, the process can be nerve racking and draining. Most students have an idea of what the application process entails, but some end up surprised and confused about what applying really entails.
“There’s parts of the application process that I find easy and parts of it that I find difficult, especially writing essays and just figuring everything out in general, like what ways you want to describe your extracurriculars and such. I was definitely a little nervous going into applications based on things I’d heard, and I would still say I’m nervous and stressed out, but it’s not too bad. I’m just excited to have them finished and see how it’s going to work out,” Emma Donahoe explained.
The pressure of college applications can be overwhelming for some. Applying can be time-consuming and takes away time from other responsibilities seniors have to juggle, such as sports, school, work, and extracurricular activities.
“Applications have added a little bit of stress to my plate because normally I come home, relax and do my homework, but now I’m researching colleges and scholarships, and then there’s the deadlines I have to worry about. It takes a lot of time but it’s not as hard as I imagined it would be, I think because I got a head-start. I didn’t feel very confident going into applying because I didn’t know how to write college essays or what to do, everything was just kind of stressful,” Abigail Dunchak said.
Although college applications can be stressful, some seniors find it very exciting. Applying to college is something that many teenagers have been waiting for since they were young, and are eager to share about.
“I’m applying to the University of Pittsburgh, University of Delaware, University of Maryland, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Virginia Tech, and a few others. I’m applying to the honors program in all the schools that offer it and I’m actually really excited,” Taylor Benning replied.
College will be filled with new opportunities and experiences, so the feeling of finally getting to apply to one’s dream school and taking that next step towards the future is something that plenty of students are thrilled for.
“I definitely am excited about applying to college because it is a separate challenge on its own that isn’t something you can just learn and is more of a gamble. I look forward to going to college because that is the next big step in all high school students’ lives. It ultimately decides what type of job you get and how the rest of your life might play out,” Raj Rao spoke.
The Class of 2023 still has loads of hard work to do, but hopes are high as students take the next step. Best of luck seniors.