Students Share Thoughts on the PSAT


Students in grades 9-11 all over the country took the mandatory standardized testing known as the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT) on October 12, 2022. Many students wondered how to prepare for the PSAT in their free time as they will have to take the SAT later in high school. Other students were overwhelmed by the length and rigor of the exam.
The PSAT is finished, and students who were worried about the test had a hard time comprehending the layout.
“The test worries me this year because I am stressed about the whole process of the PSAT, such as the testing and structure of it,” freshman Neya Koshanam explained.
The unfamiliar format was a stressor for the freshman who have not yet taken any tests like the PSAT, but some are unfazed by the testing.
“I’m not worried about the PSAT because the PSAT is just practice, and it helps me do better when it comes to the SAT,” freshman Nash Wei said.
Some students took their time to prepare for the PSATs. These students were hard at work studying and taking the necessary steps to get a good score.
“I studied for the PSAT because I want to get the practice over with, and use the studying and the PSAT to help me do better on the SAT,” freshman Tony Choi said.
Other students chose not to prepare because the PSAT is a practice exam that has no effect on grades, and will not go onto college applications.
“Since it is a practice, there is no pressure. I’m all good. It won’t affect me in any way, and that’s fine to me,” freshman Daniel Lee explained.
For some, stress played a huge role in taking the PSAT. Prior to the exam, students found ways to combat their stress, including reminding themselves that the test is practice not going in the grade book.
“The PSAT is not giving me any stress because it’s a practice and won’t matter to my grades,” freshman Jaylen Hu said.
“I think it is giving me just a little more stress because actual SATs will be coming up soon, and I want to be prepared. But since it is the PSATs, it is just giving me just a little stress,” sophomore Noah Journo said.
The PSAT is provided the opportunity for students to get familiar with the test.
“For me, the PSAT is helpful in studying for the SAT because I care about it. When I try, it is a nice practice for the SAT,” sophomore Benjamin Lee said.
Many people think that since the PSAT’s structure is similar to the SAT’s, it might help them a bit when they have to take the SAT.
“It is good practice for the SAT, because the tests are similar in a way, and the structure of the PSAT is similar to the SAT,” sophomore Joel Varghese said.
Some students were stressed or worried about the PSAT, but it was just a practice to help students get better at the SAT, and to help the student learn more in the process. Scores for the PSAT will be released in late November 2022. The scores will help students on what they have to improve on the SAT, and what they already have succeeded in the SAT.