Ridge Starts Off Ice Hockey Season Strong


As the Marriotts Ridge Hockey team progresses through their season, they look to improve upon their performances and make the most of their upcoming games.
The start of the season has been disappointing for the team, as they were hoping to get off to a stronger start than 1-3, their current record. But, with a considerable amount of the season left to play, the team hopes to find their rhythm and tip the scales in their favor. The players spirits remain high, and they continue to trust in the process in hopes of getting back on track.
“Everyone on the team is staying positive and continuing to focus on what we can control. There is no point in dwelling on what happened in the past when we still have so much of the season ahead of us,” said senior Matthew Park.
This year’s team has players with vastly different levels of experience, which can make it difficult to mesh together and work as a team. However, the players are able to better understand one another more with each game and are gradually learning the playing styles and skills of their teammates. The team is beginning to play as a unit, which is sure to bring them success in the future.
“This is my first year playing hockey, so I have learned and improved a lot. Everyone has been doing as much as they can to help each other improve. There is a wide variety of skill levels on the team this year, so once everyone gets used to playing together the outcomes will be more favorable,” said junior Christian Luke.
One thing every player can agree on is that the hockey season is something they anticipate every year. Many players partake in other sports during the offseason, but hockey provides something that no other sport is able to.
“The games give me something to look forward to throughout the day and the week. Being on the ice with my friends and teammates is something I will never forget. I have tried many other sports in the past, but nothing else has given me the experiences and lessons I have learned playing hockey,” said junior Andrew Eaton.
The team has a great deal of talent on the roster, which leaves them with the opportunity to finish the season out strong. Regardless of how the first portion of the season went, the team has all the tools they need to improve. Several of the team’s losses have been close games and could have been changed if one more play went their way.
“The team has a lot of potential and with every game the chemistry of the team is growing. As long as we continue to work hard we will have a memorable and enjoyable season,” said Luke.
The hockey season is far from over, and the team plans to stay focused and persistent to achieve the success that they have been looking for.