The Choral Cluster Concert Gets Students Excited for the Start of the New Year

Students of all ages sing their finale piece – I Sing Because I’m Happy!

On January 6th, talented choir students from Marriotts Ridge High School, Mount View Middle School, West Friendship Elementary School, Waverly Elementary School and Manor Woods Elementary School came together for a group performance at the 2023 MRHS Choral Cluster Concert.
This event presented students from the 4th to 8th grade with the opportunity to perform in a high school setting. Through working with the high schoolers and choir teacher, Mr. Rawlings, younger students of the MRHS feeder schools have the opportunity to gain insight into the high school choir program.
“My favorite part of the cluster concert experience would have had to be talking with the incoming middle schoolers. My friends and I met these really cool girls who were so excited to have joined the program,” sophomore Simar Saini said.
This concert provides a unique opportunity for students to both learn from one another and showcase their talents. Younger students have the chance to meet and learn from older students who have more singing experience. The event not only improves the overall performance of the choir, but also allows the younger students to gain valuable knowledge and skills that they can use in the future.
“I feel we need to do more of these cluster concerts as it really was a great experience for everyone, and I noticed that all the other students had a lot of fun performing and ended up doing super well,” junior Abdullah Khan said.
The concert was not only a showcase of the students’ musical abilities, but a demonstration of their hard work and dedication. The concert was well-rehearsed, and every choral group from each school clearly put a lot of effort into the performance.
“Since the first day of school we’ve been slowly working, refining, and perfecting the songs that we performed. It’s a long process that takes dedication and focus, however, in the long run, it’s worth it,” junior Edrea Verghis said.
The choir cluster concert is always a success thanks to the hard work and patience of the choir directors, students, and staff. The event provides a great opportunity for the school community to come together and celebrate the talents and achievements of our choir students.
“I love working the cluster concert because you get a glimpse at all of the new talent and it becomes sort of nostalgic if you’ve done it when you were in elementary or middle school,” Saini said.
The choral cluster concert is a special event that brings students from different schools together to make new memories through their shared love of music. It provides an opportunity for students to bond and learn from one another, and for the community to come together and enjoy the talents of the students. Overall, the performance was a hit, and students interested in taking part in the Cluster Concert and other performances in the future should consider joining Mustang chorale or the school choir next year.