Is Junior or Senior Year the Hardest?


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Junior year is often full of stressful academic experiences.

SAT’s, the desire to get good grades and the college application process make junior and senior years arguably the most difficult of high school. Students in each year face unique challenges and can struggle to find the time and energy to get everything done.
Students who are a part of clubs or sports often find themselves having to work harder to stay on track. Some students take longer than others to adjust to the increased workload.
“My freshman year was very easy, and this year has been much harder than last. So junior year has been the hardest year yet, but I’ve been able to manage so far. Once lacrosse season starts, it gets harder to keep up with my work. Since I have a lot less time in the afternoon to study and do my homework, I have to make sure to keep up in all my classes,” junior Bryce Pistorio said.
Although junior year often holds the most challenging classes, it is not always the most difficult. Students are able to take what they have learned from their previous two years of schooling to better prepare themselves for the more strenuous classes. Many underclassmen struggle to manage their time because of the increased workload, but most students are more than prepared by their junior year.
“Junior year has not been the most challenging for me because I have gotten better at preparing for tests. I have also been able to keep up with my homework fairly easily. The past two years have taught me how to succeed in difficult classes,” junior Casey Sullins said.
The college application process typically takes place during the first semester of students’ senior year. This can be a stressful time because students care about where they will be spending their next few years. Students put many hours into their applications to have their best chance at the college admissions process. College applications paired with schoolwork makes for a busy and stressful start to senior year.
“Senior year has been more stressful so far because of college applications. I was surprised by the difficulty of college applications because I had always heard that senior year was much easier than junior year. Now that they are done the year is becoming a lot more relaxed, but the first half of my senior year has been a challenge so far,” senior Adam Macfarlane said.
To some extent, students are able to control how challenging each year is for themselves; taking advanced classes and participating in sports and clubs will make for a more challenging schedule. Knowing how to manage this is important for every student, regardless of grade level, and students continue to work hard, making the best of each year.

Which is harder? Junior or Senior year?


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