Graduation Speeches


Pictured are the seniors of last year.

After four years of hard work, the senior class of 2023 is finally graduating. On January 13th, an announcement was sent out detailing the audition process to be the senior graduation speaker. Seniors are given the opportunity to write a speech and speak on stage during the graduation ceremony for 2-3 minutes. Two students will give speeches to the senior class and their families and friends. Speeches will be due to Mrs. Rashid by 8 am on February 16th, so seniors will have plenty of time to think and write their speech. If a student is selected for the speech at the graduation ceremony, they will be notified in early March. Seniors are encouraged to participate by submitting speeches, as it’s a great chance to get up on stage and speak in front of their class.
“The graduation committee will consist of 12th grade English teachers, administrators, and some class advisors that will go through the first draft speeches and decide which ones should come speak in person to decide which student fits best,” media specialist Mrs. Rashid said.
The seniors will also be given the opportunity to vote for the teacher of the year, who will also speak at the graduation ceremony. Students are excited to write their first drafts and share their plans for the speech.
“I would probably say the cheesiest thing anyone has ever heard and also talk about mental health. We have a pretty fun grade. I would make my speech memorable by making it as embarrassing as possible,” senior Nikita Lobo said.
Ms. Rashid shared some inspiration for students who don’t know what to include in their graduation speeches.
“Advice I would give to students who don’t know what to write is think about what you would want to hear. This is your show, it’s the end of their high school experience, what would entertain them or inspire them,” Mrs. Rashid explained.
The year has gone by fast, and seniors only have a few months left to prepare for a memorable graduation.