UEFA Champions League: The Tournament of the Season

Every year, some of the best players come together to bring glory and pride to their football club in the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League. The Champions League was cut in the middle to make room for the players to play for their countries in the World Cup and resumed on February 14. The event had an estimated viewer turnout of over six million. Many people watch this event in hopes that their team would lift the trophy and claim the glory of being the best club during the season.
The first Champions League games were held in 1955-56, with the Spanish club Real Madrid taking the title of the first ever Champions League winner. When the idea of a Champions League was first proposed, it was met with positive feedback.
“I think the Champions League is good, it’s very uplifting, and it’s very action packed in a sense that you have all these good teams playing against each other. It’s also nice to watch and see the players, and the style that they are playing in,” sophomore Sarah McManus said.
Students are excited about the Champions League. Many students are hopeful that their predicted club will win the Champions League, because of the players, and the overall rating of their club.
“I think PSG will win the Champions League, because PSG has some of the highest ratings in the world on an international level. They have many good players, including World Cup winners. They’re a great team and fundamentally, all right,” freshman Sebastian Hennessy-Loyo said.
Others have different opinions on what the winning team would be.
“I think Manchester City will win the Champions League because after the poor defeat from Real Madrid last year, they’re out for vengeance, and I think they’re gonna come back stronger. They have a new striker too, so he’s gonna score a lot of goals,” junior Connor Crossan said.
Every year, there is always one player that stands out in the Champions League. Whether it be a fresh new footballer, or an experienced senior footballer, everyone has their favorites. Many people hope their players might have the glory of receiving the trophy of the Champions League every year.
“So, this is easily gonna go to Mbappé, and Mbappé did well in the World Cup. He’s easily being shown as one of the new GOAT’s of our generation in soccer,” freshman Surya Maroju said.
When there are good, well playing teams, there are always teams for those good teams to win against. Most of the teams that get eliminated lack in player skill, chemistry, and performance. Other teams just don’t try hard enough, or lack the means to do so, such as a lesser transfer budget, inexperienced managers and player conflicts.
“I think Inter Milan is gonna get knocked out of the Champions League. AC Milan is gonna get knocked out. I think Benfica is also gonna get knocked out. They just don’t have experience of getting too far in the competition, and they don’t have good players,” senior Dale Gordon said.
Many people enjoy watching the players try their best on the field. Many fans are optimistic that their team will win, and they are excited to be part of the action.