Tubi Takeover – Students Opinions on Super Bowl Commercials

Many people look forward to the Super Bowl each year. Fans watch for the football, but the commercials associated with it bring in millions of spectators. Going into this year’s game, Doritos, FanDuel, Downy PopCorners and many other brands were expected to have exciting commercials.
Companies like Doritos and Downy have been stepping up their game when it comes to promoting their upcoming Super Bowl commercials. Downy is intriguing viewers by having a mystery spokesperson that they will reveal during the game, in hopes of getting viewers to tune back in. Doritos are using celebrities like Jack Harlow to spark the interest of potential buyers.
“Typically commercials really annoy me, but this year I have been hearing a lot more about what commercials might be during the Superbowl, so that adds a little more excitement. I usually find something else to do during commercials, but this year I might be interested enough to watch most of them,” junior Michael Machiran shared.
During major sports events, many people are annoyed by the amount of commercials. However, large companies don’t want to pass on the opportunity to have their advertisement on the most watched football game of the year, so they place their best and most engaging commercials during the big event. These exciting commercials are meant to provide the fans with a more entertaining game and keep them watching the whole time. Even with this goal in mind, some fans remain unamused.
“Super Bowl commercials get worse and worse as the years go on and haven’t gotten any better since 2016; it was a peak year for super bowl commercials. I don’t think the commercials are any better than the ones I see everyday,” junior Jackson Komin said.
Even with all the extra effort that companies put into their commercials, many people remain uninterested. For much of America, the additional commercial time makes the game hard to watch. Many people who aren’t fans of either team in the game don’t think it is worth sitting through all the commercials, and many viewers stop watching well before the game is over.
“I usually watch the Superbowl, but it’s not something I look forward to. I have never thought the commercials were better during the Super Bowl than other games. With all the commercial breaks, I get bored of the game quickly and move onto something else,” senior Martin Lunsford said.
The Super Bowl brings in millions of viewers every year, and companies are not willing to miss out on the chance to bring in new buyers. Companies begin advertising their Super Bowl commercials well in advance in hopes that people will be interested enough to watch them. Some football fans find them entertaining while others find them unbearably boring. Despite the differing opinions on these ads, companies put their all into creating these commercials every year just for a few seconds of airtime. Now that the Super Bowl has passed, Popcorners, Amazon, Netflix, Doritos and Tubi are said to have had the most successful commercials.