Mustangs Spread Love this Valentine’s Day by Sending TEDxMRHS Sponsored Carnation Grams

Marriotts Ridge High School is making this year’s Valentine’s Day extra special with its very first TEDxMRHS event. Mustangs share their support by purchasing $4 carnation flowers and sending them to loved ones within the school.
“TEDxMRHS is an independently organized event sponsored by TED. To raise funds to run this event, we decided to spread some love by selling carnations for Valentine’s Day,” senior and event organizer Julia Lee said.
After completing the online purchase and filling out the google form, Mustangs are able to send as many as five carnations per recipient to anyone in the school. On February 14, Valentine’s Day, recipients will be receiving their carnations during the 3rd period block. All proceeds in this sale will go to the upcoming TEDxMRHS event that Lee and her friends have been planning since last summer.
“I think that this is a really cute way to bring the community together, show your affection towards one another, and express your love,” freshman Mahira Rahman said.
Valentine’s Day is a time to express love and affection towards those close to us, and individuals now get to have the opportunity to bring a smile to someone’s face and brighten up their day. Not only does this small act show affection towards a loved one, but it also brings the community together in the spirit of love and positivity. The act of giving a flower gram is a simple yet meaningful gesture that can have a significant impact on someone’s day. The sale provides a fun and creative way to spread love and positivity within the community.
“There are a lot of shy kids at this school, so I think the carnations will really help people confess their true feelings to somebody else,” junior Samuel Lim said.
Many people, especially teenagers in school, feel shy and nervous about expressing their feelings towards someone they admire. The Carnation Sale offers a simple yet effective way for students to express their affection and provides a non-intimidating and thoughtful gesture for students to reach out to those that they care for. Mustangs are able to include notes for the recipient along with the flower being sent, or choose to make it anonymous. The carnations serve as a physical representation of love and care, spreading positive energy and happiness on Valentine’s Day.
“We could have chosen roses, but they have a more romantic connotation. We want people to send love to their friends and teachers, not only their significant others,” Lee said.
The goal of this Valentine’s Day initiative was to spread love to as many people as possible, including friends, teachers, and other important faculty members that hold importance to the students, not just to romantic partners. By choosing carnations, it was aimed to create a more inclusive and expansive message of love and appreciation.
“This was the first time our group had organized a fundraiser like this, and I’m excited to see people’s reactions to their flowers. I’m also really thankful that it was successful in raising some funds for TEDxMRHS,” Lee said.
The idea behind the carnation grams is to promote love, positivity, and unity among the students, faculty, and staff at Marriotts Ridge High School. The proceeds from the sale of the carnations will be used to fund future TEDxMRHS events, which aim to inspire and inform the Mustangs community through dynamic and engaging speakers. With the purchase of a carnation gram, not only will recipients get a beautiful flower, but they will also be supporting a great cause.