Spring Spirit Week

With spring spirit week coming up the week of April 11th, students are starting to get excited for the many planned events. Spirit week is an often much needed break in the school year that allows students to relax and enjoy themselves. There are many planned events this year including the spring pep rally that will be held in the stadium on Friday, April 14. During the event, the spring sports teams will be announced and run across the field before the clash of the classes. The pep rally events always get the students excited as they are passionate about their grade winning.
“The pep rally is the best part of spirit week. Every year I look forward to the excitement around the event. I don’t usually participate in the activities, but I enjoy watching other people take the events seriously. On the day of the pep rally, classes seem more relaxed because everyone is excited for the event,” junior Josh Voland said.
Another exciting aspect of spirit week is the break games that students can participate in. During flextime, 9th and 10th graders will be able to participate in a ping pong tournament and the upperclassmen look forward to the volleyball game. Even for students who are not playing in the game, it is still an opportunity to have fun while supporting their grade and peers.
“My favorite part of spirit week is the volleyball game. Watching my friends compete with each other is always an exciting event. Everyone takes the game very seriously, so there is a lot on the line,” senior Ben Cizek said.
Students look forward to dressing up for spirit week because most people wear simple outfits to school during the rest of the year. Many students go all out in their outfits, which gives them the creative freedom to express themselves and dress in costumes in a way they would not normally have the opportunity to do. Students enjoy competing with their friends to see who can come up with the better outfit each day.
“Spirit week is the only time when I get to wear fun and creative outfits without any judgment. I make the most of the week by going all out and wearing extravagant clothes. It’s always fun seeing what other people decide to wear,” junior William Marbray said.
Spirit week is meant to provide students with an opportunity to have fun while at school and break up the usual pace of the year. The days will be announced shortly and students look forward to planning their outfits.