Switch Fizzed Out


Switch, a beloved sparkling drink previously sold with MRHS lunches, has disappeared. Many students at MRHS are outraged at the prospect of losing their favorite school drink, considering how it provided a tasty alternative to the usual chocolate milk and water. Unlike the other minimal drink options the school provides, Switch came in all different flavors. From authentic tastes like orange tangerine to kiwi berry, the variety allowed students the freedom to choose what they liked best.
When asked about her preference between other school drinks compared to Switch, sophomore Emily Kim responded, “I like chocolate milk, but I prefer Switch because it has fizz.”
Kim’s preference for Switch was expressed in a few short, sweet, and simple words that perfectly represented the majority opinion at MRHS: Switch is not boring. From the minute students pop open the tab, they are met with an array of fruity smells, the crackling sound of bubbles, and the cold can in their palms. It is only natural that most students prefer it to lukewarm milk.
Although to many it may seem like there’s nothing to dislike about Switch, with its dazzling flavors and refreshing taste, some students actually feel strongly opposed to it. Just as passionately as students in favor of Switch expressed their love for the drink, the aforementioned students against the sparkling beverage couldn’t help but pronounce their views quite harshly as soon as they had been given the opportunity.
Others felt rather strongly that Switch was not necessary at MRHS.
“Why do we even need sparkling water? It just makes you more thirsty,” Pi exclaimed.
It is safe to say that student opinions are quite divided on the topic of Switch and sparkling water in general. Many students want their favorite school drink to make a quick comeback, whereas others feel liberated now that the burden of mildly flavored sparkling water has been taken care of. Still, the situation can’t be that easily resolved, for there are a vast number of students who haven’t had the slightest clue as to what Switch is. Some have only seen the drink floating around throughout the school cafeteria, though they hadn’t taken the opportunity to taste it.
Freshman Jacob Askin felt quite indifferent on the subject, “I prefer normal water, but I guess I could drink it.” Askin is one of the few people who don’t mind the disappearance of Switch; for him, it’s hardly an inconvenience. Although many students are divided between hating Switch and loving it, there are some who couldn’t care less on the topic.
He, like many other MRHS students, were entirely neutral on whether or not Switch should make its return, and would clearly not be particularly impacted either way.
The sudden disappearance of Switch is still a mystery, and although it cannot be said that all students are sided on the main question of it’s return, the cause of it’s vanishing is a question still begging to be answered.