Daylight Savings Swamps Students

Liam Wolfsheimer, Writer

On March 14th, the clocks were turned forward an hour due to Daylight Savings. 

The original idea of resetting the clocks in the summer was created by Benjamin Franklin as a way to save energy, however, Daylight Savings did not go into effect until 1918. Today, people use it to make better use of the daylight. Most people love sunlight and want to be able to leave work while the sun is still out, leading to a big push to make Daylight Savings the permanent time zone across the United States. 

There are only two full states that do not participate in this yearly tradition, Arizona and Hawaii, as they sit closer to the equator, and their warmer weather does not warrant the need for implementing a time change.

“I do enjoy Daylight Savings and would like to keep the change in clocks throughout the year, because it is a nice change and lets us look forward to the season change,” junior Isabel Ahn said. “It is good for people to have a switch in their schedule throughout the year, and we wouldn’t have that if it weren’t for Daylight Savings. It also gives people something to look forward to and it is always nice knowing that summer is on it’s way.”

Despite the positives of more daylight, some people may still be upset that they are losing an hour of sleep.  A good way to cope with the change in sleep schedule is by trying to get to bed earlier. 

“I adjust to the time changes by trying to get more sleep and waking up earlier. I also avoid taking naps,” sophomore Laura Rosenburg said. Trying to maximize one’s sleep schedule by heading to sleep earlier definitely helps take advantage of the light hours.

Others are more concerned about how this affects their daily schedule and routine they have for themselves.

“I prepared for Daylight savings a couple days in advance so that my schedule was not interrupted,” junior Leslie Lin said. Getting ready for the time change and flipping around some daily tasks can help for people to adapt easier to the time change. 

For the more work-inclined individuals, this is a great time of year, as they are able to get more tasks done throughout their day and really fill up their schedule, freeing up their nighttimes for relaxing.

“With the extra time of daylight, I am more productive and am able to hangout with my friends and family for longer and spend more time outside,” senior Lauren Fisher said. The extra light hours allow people to be able to go out and spend more time with loved ones. In addition to Daylight Savings, the warmer springtime air is beginning to peak through, driving many people to take advantage of the outdoors. 

“I am excited that the clocks have turned ahead because that means summer is coming and I get to have more time during the day to get things done, and feel more relaxed at night,” senior Julia Skopic said. 

After a long winter, it is nice knowing that warm weather and longer days are just around the corner.