Hitting the Stage: Marriotts Ridge Theater Department Announces Future Shows

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As the year ends with three spectacular performances, Mama Mia, Clue and Grease, it’s time to look ahead to next year’s upcoming performances. These performances will include Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Chicago, all under the direction of the theater director, Ms. Greffen.
Coming back from the Covid haze was challenging for the theater program to overcome, as during the first year back there weren’t any live performances due to the mask mandate and the extra precautions in place. On top of that, the director of the program changed, which also brought its own obstacles for the theater students and the teacher. However, with all these hurdles in the way of Marriotts Ridge’s theater department, the program flourished with Ms.Greffen at the helm.
A show probably not as well known to most of the student population is Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The show will be a lively story based on Biblical times set in the Middle East, containing stories from all major world religions.
Jacob, Joseph’s father in the musical, has multiple wives and children, but in order to show everyone that his favorite son is Joseph, he gives him an elaborate, expensive, woven coat with different dyed fabrics, which is where the title comes from.
Although set in Biblical times, the story features exciting lights and musical numbers that stray from the typical somber themes most expect from a Biblical tale.
“Joseph is gonna be fun and we’re gonna have a lot of great dance numbers for the ensemble,” junior Cora Selzer said.
While some people may feel scared to audition, the theater program looks to achieve a diverse cast and include all people with a fun show.
“[We are] planning on having a lot more male leads, so we are trying to get more guys into the theater program,” junior Noelle Harris explained.
After performing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the theater program will move from the Middle East and into the Midwest as the spring show, Chicago, is set in Chicago Illinois.
The play Chicago is not an average school production. This show, set in the 1920’s Jazz Age, showcases the lives of women taking part in criminal activities with underlying comedic tones to produce the perfect, dark satire.
“For Chicago, I’m so excited, and one of my favorites from the show is the “All That Jazz” number, but above anything else is the “Cell Block Tango,” Harris said.
Featuring dark and looming overtones, the musical numbers in the show provide opportunities for more singing, dancing and fun for the cast in this spring’s show.
Not only will the GT theater class play a role in the casting of the show, but all of the upper level music and dance students will be able to get involved with the show.
“The Fall show is open to everybody, cast and crew. In the spring you have to be in one of the arts classes to be in the cast.” Ms.Greffen stated.
If anyone is interested in participating who is not in a theater, music, or dance class, the fall musical is open to everyone and is the perfect opportunity to get involved.
The new show will build on the success of this year’s theater program and auditions, The Marriotts Ridge theater department is an opportunity to expand relationships, have fun and find a new passion.