The Most Relaxing Club at MRHS – Book Club

Book club allows students to unwind and talk about books!


In the midst of school and academics, the book club is a great place for students to relax and socialize with one another and share books they enjoy. With the new virtual setup, it is hard for students to interact and talk to one another like they would in a physical school setting. The book club initiates a space for students to unwind, relax, and read. They meet via Google Meet during Mustang Time. The teacher supervisor of the book club is Mrs. Rashid, a media center specialist, and the club’s leaders are Isabella Battish and Olivia Brooks.
The club reads a wide spectrum of books, from fictions to memoirs. Some of their previous reads include: All American Boys, a realistic fiction, The Island of Sea Women, a historical fiction, Beastly, a contemporary fantasy, and Educated, a memoir. The club allows students to read different works and styles of writing to build their knowledge of literature. Book club is pretty simple; participants choose the book, read it, and then discuss.
“We also talk about other books we’ve read and just try to create an overall positive and fun space,” senior Isabella Battish said. “Personally, I love book club because it means I get to just relax, play some music, and read!”
Book club is primarily a social activity; it’s a place to chat with other students and read great books. It relieves the stress of academic classes and creates a relaxed environment where members can see their friends, eat snacks, and laugh together. The books are chosen by the students; they suggest titles and then collectively vote on which to read. They meet at the end of each month to discuss a book, as well as the themes, tropes, and context around the book. In addition, they post weekly book reviews, spanning a diverse range of genres and authors, on their club social media (@mrhsbooks).
Non-academics aside, there is a learning aspect to book club as well.
“In terms of skills, it develops critical thinking and listening skills,” Mrs. Rashid said. “You have to be willing to hear the ideas and personal experiences of your fellow book club members.”
Active listening provides critical thinkers with the knowledge needed to organize the information they hear, understand context and relevance, recognize unstated assumptions, make connections between ideas, and draw conclusions. The book club is a fun club for students who want to take a break from academics while still participating in a school activity.
“I would recommend book club because it provides an opportunity to meet new people and engage with new ideas and opinions, leaving you changed for the better,” senior Olivia Brooks said.
One of the most wonderful parts of book club is the community. With all students separated by screens and computers, it’s easy to feel isolated. Reading the same book as a few other people and having a meaningful discussion in an open environment restores some of the connection that has been lacking this year. As the members have said, the best part of book club, without a doubt, is the incredible members and the amazing books!