A Unique Gift-Giving Season

Students share their thoughts on finding the perfect holiday gifts.


The holiday season is exactly what people need to lift their spirits during these tough times. For many, purchasing and receiving gifts for and from their loved ones is a perfect way to make those gloomy feelings disappear.
Many students have that one special gift that they will always remember getting. For some, that memorable present was a dog; for others it may have been a piece of jewelry, or a new pair of shoes. No matter a person’s age, opening a specific present they have wished for always results in a rush of happiness and glee.
“The best gift I’ve ever gotten from my parents was a puppy. My whole family loves him because he’s so playful and loving,” junior Megan Boyce said. Boyce will always cherish the wonderful day her adorable puppy became a part of her loving family.
While receiving gifts is often very exciting, shopping for friends and family is just as rewarding for many people. However, holiday shopping can also be stressful and expensive. Some students have shared shopping tips for people who are unsure of when and where to shop this year.
“I begin holiday shopping in November because that’s when black Friday starts, and I can get a lot of good deals,” senior Ledell Patcha said.
Black Friday is a perfect time to begin shopping, especially if a person is on a tight budget. Cyber Monday is also a great opportunity to shop, with deals often extending throughout the month of December. For some students, as soon as Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around, they immediately start thinking about the holiday season that is approaching.
“I begin holiday shopping on Black Friday because that’s when I start thinking about Christmas,” junior Emi Moran said.
With so many great deals and offers, it is clear that Black Friday is definitely a time to take advantage of. For those who prefer traditional shopping, other students suggest trying malls or outlet malls for holiday gifts.
“My favorite place to shop for gifts is the mall. The mall has everything: clothes, jewelry and so much more,” said Boyce.
For students who do holiday shopping in bulk, the mall should be the number 1 place to start. Other students can try superstores like Target or WalMart to find their holiday gifts.
“I shop for gifts at Target because there are tons of random fun gifts,” Moran said.
After finishing all the shopping, there is usually someone special who students can’t wait to give their gift to.
“I look forward to giving my mom these little fun gifts I got her, because they’re really cute and I think she’s really going to like them,” senior Katie Trenchard said.
It is truly heartwarming to watch friends and family open presents, knowing that a loved one spent so much time and thought on finding the perfect gift.
“I look forward to giving my grandma a blanket I made, because I know she’ll love it,” Moran said.
Simple presents such as the trinkets Trenchard will give to her mom, or more timely presents like Moran’s handmade blanket, will both come from the love they both hold for those people, making the gifts extra special.
As students grow up, they come to realize that it’s not how many presents they receive, what they get, or how much the gift was worth; rather, it’s about the care that someone put into getting or making a gift to make someone happy.