Students Brace for Possible Winter Weather


With the winter season forging ahead, characteristics attributed to it can be seen through frost in the grass and water vapor when you breathe. As such, people’s predictions and thoughts on the winter seasons weather will come rolling in along with it.
Entering the season, it has become noticeably colder, but not to the extent of past years. There have been days where the temperature reached the high fifties, unexpectedly warm for the time of year and not a good sign for a cold winter. This warm weather is reflected in the students predictions for the weather, with many saying they are not expecting snow or anything along those lines.
“I am expecting no snow, just cold and windy weather,” freshman Andrew Ding said.
Few students expect to see colder weather and snow. After a snowstorm that brought 3”+ to much of Howard County in December, some students believe a cold winter lies ahead.
“The snowstorm that happened last month makes it seem that the weather will get colder as the season passes,” sophomore Michael Morton said.
These months are meant for cold weather and bundling up, which is not possible with the weather that was seen in December. Many students looked forward to the things they could do in cold weather which they are missing out on with the unusually warm weather they experienced.
“I look forward to colder weather as it is more adaptable than warmer weather when it comes to dressing, and I prefer cold weather overall,” Morton said.
However, some students welcomed the warm weather. They see it as a continuation of what they were able to do during the past months, like going outside to do things in lighter clothing and enjoying a chilled drink on the porch.
“In general, I prefer warmer weather because I can go outside more often and feel comfortable in short sleeves” sophomore Frank Leo said.
Hope for colder weather should not be lost though, as the January forecast calls for the average highs and lows to be in the mid-forties and high-twenties respectively, with the days seemingly becoming cooler as the month progresses. These predictions make the month out to be significantly cooler than December.
Students seem to have changed their opinions regarding snow days due to virtual learning. School is usually delayed or canceled when it snows, but that is only with in-person learning, which students do not have. Instead, it looks like school will go on regardless of weather.
“[Now},there is no benefit to having snow, as not only will it be more cold, school won’t be cancelled, as it’s all online,” Leo said.
The weather that winter will bring has many predictions but no definitive answer, and there will be none other than waiting to see what Mother Nature may bring.