FBLA Continues Plans Amid Uncertain Future


The Future Business Leader of America (FBLA) club at Marriotts Ridge is known for its outstanding performances at the competitions they attend, but with an ongoing pandemic and other difficulties that 2020 has brought upon us, the future of the club’s competition season is uncertain.
Despite the challenges, students from the club have been able to adapt to their new environment imposed by the pandemic, and their hopes for the future of their club.
“FBLA has been the backbone behind my high school career. I joined this club as a freshman, not really sure of what I was doing, and little did I know of the several impacts this club would later make on me,” senior Sathya Selvam said.
With FBLA being a major part of some people’s high school experiences, the virus had a major impact on life within the club. With all the challenges brought on by the virus, the club had to resort to virtual meetings.
“It [feels] different from club meetings in school, but I appreciate the efficiency and safety of the Google Meet sessions. Everything is easier to say and all resources are faster to access in the moment for the members,” Selvam said.
Even though the virus has impacted the club very hard, they have high hopes for the future. Selvam explained his aspirations for the club.
“I plan to leave this club in good hands for years to follow, meaning an officer board that continues to actively help the members, a large number of registrants for competitions and events, and most of all, us being back in school,” he said. “I expect to see the same rigorous and determined mannerisms our members have now towards FBLA in the future as well.”
As for the people who are interested in joining FBLA, Selvam said that anyone interested in any aspect of business should join the club. The club allows its members to engage in any field of business from Hotel Management to Computer Science and even Medicine.
FBLA has been a very successful club at Marriotts Ridge, and although the virus has impacted them greatly, they are persevering through it and moving on towards a bright future.