Jackbox App Becomes Student Favorite


The pandemic has halted the normal social lives of students all over the world. However, through virtual methods, such as Jackbox party games, students have been able to maintain contact and have fun with their friends without risking the health of themselves or others.
Jackbox features a variety of games similar to parlour games, such as charades or mafia. The difference is that these games are digital and function on a multitude of platforms, meaning that people can now play these highly accessible social games without having to actually be near each other, making it a perfect way to spend time with friends over this pandemic.
The large number of available games make it easy for students to find one that they enjoy playing the most. From the seven party packs (packages of multiple games) available, hits such as Drawful: a game where weird and unique drawing prompts are given, Fibbage: a game where lying and creativity is needed, and Quiplash: a game where anything can be said to answer a question, the platform provides something for everyone.
“I like many games that Jackbox has, but one that I like more than others is the game “Push The Button,” which is a game reminiscent of mafia and another fun game, Among Us,” sophomore Michael Morton said.
These games help students keep in touch and play with their friends and are a fun alternative to the back-to-back texting and calls they previously had to resort to. The students that use Jackbox to interact with their friends usually find that it’s a great socializing tool to use during this pandemic.
“I think Jackbox is an 8 or 9 [out of 10] when it comes to bonding with friends, especially in bigger groups. It allows for a fun experience with friends and family that everyone can enjoy,” sophomore Wyatt Betz said.
Jackbox Games has not been idle during this unprecedented opportunity, capitalizing on the pandemic by releasing another brand new Party Pack.
Jackbox has helped bring students and families together without risking anyone’s health, which is why it and many other platforms have seen massive growth and become a popular tool for students.