Do Students Want to Take the Vaccine?


As the vaccination for the coronavirus begins to be accessible for the public, people will make the decision of whether to take it or not. For those wishing to return back to school, the vaccine may be their answer. However, it also raises the question – will students want to take it?
Many students are willing to be vaccinated, with the obvious reason being to return back to a “normal” life, one without pandemics. With such a rush to conclude these crazy times, the vaccine was made in record time, under a year, beating the previous mumps vaccine which took four years to make. It is natural for people to be apprehensive about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.
“I am skeptical of the vaccine because we do not know the long term effects, but it is a ray of hope before corona gets out of hand and starts mutating; this is our chance to control it. Even if [some] choose not to take it, it’s probably best we take the risk,’’ junior Karthic Peterson said.
Since students will be one of the last groups of people to be vaccinated, those who are concerned will at least be able to see some short-term effects.
Public schools in Howard County have been closed for almost a year now, and the Board of Education will have to decide whether to require mandatory vaccinations if students are to return or not.
“I feel like they should push for students to get it so that there’s no risk, but I guess you can’t force everyone. Personally, I would be more worried about being around non-vaccinated students, however, since I would be vaccinated, it would be fine, I’d just be weary around them,” sophomore Elinor Purves said.
Vaccines were already a controversy before the pandemic, so students, or perhaps the parents of students will have to decide if they will take it.
As experts learn more about how the COVID-19 vaccination may reduce disease in communities, it is still advised to continue to wear masks and social distance. Stopping a pandemic requires all the tools available, and by working together to achieve a common goal, life may begin to return to normal.