Art Club Encourages Creativity


A new art seminar, directed by Montana Ignacio and Emerson Mako, was recently created to allow students to expand their art knowledge and learn about different digital art platforms. It also lets them interact with professional artists and get an understanding of their own personal experiences and talents.
The seminar, which takes place on Wednesday’s during Flextime, allows students and teachers to experience a new aspect of art. The online learning model has pushed the club into adapting to new technologies.
“I feel like art is something that everyone can do, and a lot of people don’t think that. They think that like we should be born with a talent, but honestly, art should be about expressing your ideas, expressing yourself, and it is something that the entire community can relate to and unite with,” senior Montana Ignacio said, one of the student presidents of the art club.
Ignacio and Emerson Mako, her senior co-president, have made it their goal to ensure students learn that art is for everyone and, to do that, they’ve started to use digital platforms. One of the central ideas behind the seminar was to help students learn more about digital platforms and increase their knowledge of art in general. Joining the seminar will teach students how to create art, even on a computer.
“Essentially, these seminars will be focused around teaching and instructing people on how to use various digital art platforms, such as Procreate and Medibang,” Mako explains.
Students will also have the opportunity to learn from professional artists, or people who are highly skilled in that particular field. The seminar will be teaching quite a few different methods of art, including animation, drawing/painting, and of course, new computer art techniques.
“For example, I specialize on the animation aspect of Procreate, whereas we have one of our other officers, Annie C, focusing on Medibang Pro alongside Maddie H,” Mako said. She continued by explaining how the seminar is a fun way for students to learn more about art and interact with others who have similar interests.
Ignacio and Mako both believe that art is something that everyone should try and participate in.
“It’ll be a great way for students to sort of get an intro and understand how to use digital art platforms so that they can continue to explore art or find a new medium art they might enjoy, especially now, when it’s impossible for us to be in school and be given all of the materials and supplies we would normally have access to in an art class. So having a digital medium can give you a lot of those supplies and a lot of that creative freedom while still having to be at home and on a device.”
Overall, the new art seminar is a fun way for students to learn more about digital art.