First Hybrid Spirit Week

Students gear up for their first spirit week in hybrid learning

With spirit week on the horizon from April 12 to 23, students will be able to participate in different themes presented by the MRHS Student Government Association (SGA).
There are different themes designated for each day throughout the week, including Millionaire Day, where students dress as if they were a millionaire, Maryland Day, where students from each wear different colors of the Maryland flag, freshmen are red, sophomores are yellow, juniors are white, and seniors are black. Bikers v. Surfers is another day where underclassmen dress as surfers and upperclassmen dress as bikers. On the last day of spirit week, students will wear their class shirts.
There are many students that enjoy school spirit.
“I like spirit week, especially when we’re in school because everyone dresses up, compared to middle school which was only a few people,” sophomore Elinor Purves said.
I think it’s nice to have events like that in school to liven up the spirit, and it can boost morale,” junior Benjamin Levin said. Spirit week is a great way to exhibit school pride and participate in different activities.
There are benefits that come with spirit week.
“It brings people in your grade together — you get to see everyone having fun and everyone’s cool outfit. It makes everyone more excited to go to school than normal; it definitely builds community,” junior Alex Choi said. Building community and stronger relationships is a key effect from spirit week that can positively affect the whole school.
As students prepare for a week of fun outfits and school spirit, some have shared ideas for how to make future spirit weeks more meaningful. Junior Mustafa Ali would like to see a spirit day “connecting to the world, like earth day or political things about people like Native American day or Black Power to express awareness.”
Spirit week allows for students to express themselves, allowing creativity to flourish in the community since new ideas are talked about. “I would pick themes like dressing up as bunnies and the expressions of different cultural things, like japanese culture,” junior Mark Bayot said.
Although most students participate in spirit week, there are still many who do not. Some students suggest that MRHS should “set up stands in school where you can buy the spirit merchandise…which could get more students involved,” junior Alex Joo said.
Another student suggested that the SGA ask for students’ opinions for future spirit days. “By getting input from students at school about what kind of activities and days they would like, people would be more interested since their ideas can be presented. Starting a poll to determine which themes the majority of students want could also get more students involved,” sophomore Andrew Clark said. Using online tools like Canvas to start polls would be a great way for students to feel like they are part of the community.
With the hybrid model now in full effect, this is bound to be an unorthodox spirit week. Regardless, the SGA has planned a fun week for students and staff to show their Mustang Pride.