Mustangs Gas Up the New App


Photo courtesy of Yahoo

The hottest new app sweeping the Marriotts Ridge Mustangs is called Gas. Gas is a social media app that allows users to anonymously compliment their classmates by voting for their friends in a round of polls that refresh every hour. The name comes from the act of “gassing someone up,” where people boost other’s confidence or compliment them on something. Designed to spread positivity, the app was released in August 2022 and gained popularity soon after its launch. Although the app is for all ages, it has become popular amongst high school students, many of whom were attracted to this app because of the positive messages one can send from it. The app is designed to be kid-friendly and prevent any possible bullying. Veronica Kumar, a sophomore, explained her interest in the app.
“I originally downloaded it because all of my friends had it and I wanted to see what the hype was all about, but then I ended up being addicted to it.”
Kumar quickly gained interest in the app after seeing that it helps pass time. She talks about how she loves the way the polls only have positive messages.
“The polls were always positive, making it easier for me to not have to worry about other people’s feelings. It’s like a game of “Most Likely To” but online and with more people,” Kumar said.
Another student, sophomore Deshna Dasari, likes how the app refreshes every hour with new polls so people know when to take a break from the app. She talked about how the additional features help keep her attention.
“The app gives you coins when you complete a set of polls every hour which then can be used to “buy” services such as boosting your name in other people’s polls …Every poll is unique and really makes you think about your friends’ personalities and what fits them.”
Although there are many good reviews about this app, a few students have their critiques of Gas.
“This app is fun in the beginning but it quickly gets annoying because of the fact that there aren’t enough choices to choose from. If the poll you get ends up including people you don’t personally know, you end up having to choose a random person, so it’s not always reliable when it comes to what you voted for,” junior Andrew Donlin explained.
The app allows you to shuffle people’s choices when voting, but limits it to only three shuffles. Students complain that the app would be more successful if they were allowed to choose from everyone that is added.
But just like BeReal and the other trending apps before, it is unlikely that this Gas will remain popular for long. “I feel like this app won’t keep people entertained for too long. It’s kinda like an in-the-moment app. Trendy apps like these come and go so I won’t be surprised if the hype goes away in a month or so,” Dasari explained.
While Gas is still trending and drawing Mustangs to it every hour of the day, soon enough we’ll see whether this app is worthy enough to keep its popularity. For now, the kind messages, fun of voting for friends, and constant updates hold students’ attention and have made this app a smash hit.