Students’ Thoughts on Ridgetime


Ridgetime is a school-wide activity designed to foster school culture and allow students to connect to each other and to a teacher, which is even more important in this virtual environment.
Many students appreciate Ridgetime. “I think people who are busy or have busy schedules need a nice break or extra time to do things,” sophomore Mackenzie Moon said.
Moon shared that Ridgetime is beneficial to busy students and those who simply need a break. Moon said that “writing a time management schedule helped.”
Bella Virden is a sophomore and said that, in her almost two years at MRHS, Ridgetime hasn’t changed at all. “I think it should be optional for people who may not have a lot of people to talk to, to have the opportunity to socialize. People who don’t want to go or don’t have friends in their [Ridgetime] classes like me shouldn’t have to go if they don’t want to,” Virden said. Socialization is a huge part of this activity and is also one thing students are missing in a virtual world.
Teachers play a big part in Ridgetime, and how it plays out this year is very reliant on them. Every club and Ridgetime group relies on a teacher for a sponsor and room to meet in. Of course, right now, students and faculty aren’t in school, but teachers must still be present at club meetings as the sponsor.
Algebra teacher Caryn Hawkins talked about her 14 years teaching at MRHS.
“There used to be two breaks during the week for students to go to club meetings, meet with teachers, etc. Ridge Time has been consistent since it [Ridgetime] started,” Hawkins said. “My favorite thing to do during Ridge Time is to connect with my Ridge Time students.”
The benefits of Ridgetime differ from one student to the next, and each student’s needs are different and important.
Participating in Ridgetime is a big part of being a Mustang. No matter what the school year looks like, whether virtual or in person, Mustangs will have this activity in an attempt to bring everyone together and improve life at Marriotts Ridge.